XXL photo table


XXL-Fototisch in Längsrichtung

With the computer controlled XXL-Phototable you shoot in 2 minutes flat large area objects to a level of maximum 250cm X 150cm.
On the broad worktop around the table can be positioned up to 20 photo lights and you receive a previously unattainable color fastness and lighting.
Insert the shooting picture / object onto the worktop and start with a mouse click the control. Now the image / object is automatically centered and measured. Based on the entered data and the camera parameters, the camera-axis moves in the correct height. After preliminary inspection of the photograph, recording is done.
Hardcopy des Steuerungsprogramms

The simple, secure and user-friendly operating software allows you quickly to the photo table to use it efficiently and optimally. The control software runs on any standard PC with Windows® XP / 7 operating system and an available USB or LPT port.
It is also available in other languages.

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